Sue Wagstaff

Paintings and sculpture

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Sue Wagstaff cupboard contruction Sue Wagstaff wooden sculpture Sue Wagstaff tribeswoman painting
Sue Kennedy artist portrait


After graduating with a BA Honours Degree in Fine Art from the University of Hertfordshire I completed my training as a Secondary School Teacher in Art at Middlesex University. I work part time at a local Hertfordshire school as Head of Art, run private classes at Parndon Mill and work on local outreach projects in Hertfordshire and Essex.

My studio work is predominantly three dimensional and usually relates to portraiture in some way. Although I often use clay, a range of other mediums are also employed to create my work, choosing a medium that best describes what I hope to say. The idea of depicting the character of a person through visual means interests me; often a person’s life or ideas informs the way they visually appear to us. I have explored this idea through painting and sculpture, creating a variety of 2D and 3D portraits of individuals.

I am particularly interested in Naive, Ancient and Outsider art, where the maker has a strong need to express their ideas or beliefs through their art, creating work that is not always perceived as beautiful in the common sense, but with an honesty and rawness that makes it so. These interests have also led me to explore materials like hair and belongings of others as an integral part of many of the works I create.

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