Billie Achilleos

Designer, prop and puppet maker

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Billie ​is an artist working within many disciplines and ​has been a puppet, prop and set​ builder ​since 2006​. Her specialty areas include model making, moulding and casting, foam and textile fabrication, wood carving, paper engineering and metal work.

​ In 2010 she was given the opportunity to create a collection of sculpture made from luxury brand Louis Vuitton's leather goods. This commission identified her flair for ​reconstructing iconic products to create humourous and ​eye-catching sculptures. In 2017 she expanded this skill to working with food to create a series of heads for an advertising campain for supermarket chain Aldi in Germany.

Billie works regularly in the field of retail display, having designed and made original pieces for John Lewis, Watches of Switzerland, Coach, Louis Vuitton and Smythson of London. She also enjoys miniature set building, and regularly works as an 'unusual' stylist for magazine shoots.
For years Billie has enjoyed decorating and set building for festivals and events. One of the more challenging builds was a collaborative project with The Tattooed Bakers to create a life size gingerbread house for Shrek’s Adventure, London, clad in actual gingerbread​, cake and sweets. ​

In puppetry Billie has most notably worked for Blind Summit Theatre and Handspring and independently produced rod and bunraku style puppets for The Royal Shakespeare Company. ​In 2015 Billie spent a month working in Azerbaijan on puppets and props for the Baku European Games opening Ceremonies.

"I'm open to all forms of commissions, the weirder the better."

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