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"I've had a studio at Parndon Mill since 1999. Three actually - I started in the lucum, then on to next door with a mezzanine, and now down a floor to a studio with four windows.
It is set up as a printmaking studio, but I also paint in here too. 
My collection of "stuff" that I use for inspiration is also kept here: dolls, puppets, bric-a-brac, junk shop pieces, car boot finds, beach combing treasure, things brought back from travels.
Also my sketchbooks, full of drawings, paintings, cuttings, photographs, life drawings, tales and memories all to be used one day. 
These are the starting points for my work, from large oil paintings to prints, ranging from small drypoint to large woodcuts. They are largely figurative and usually narrative. 
I have exhibited widely and my work is in various collections. 
There is a large triptych in Harlow Playhouse, called 'Thread of Life'."

Born in Suffolk
BA (Hons) University of Hertfordshire 1992-97
MA (Fine Art Printmaking) Cambridge School of Art (2008-2010)
Winner of Gwen May Award from Royal Society of Painter/Printmakers 2010
Student Associate Member 2010-2012

Trustee of the Harlow Art Trust
Membership Secretary of the Friends of Harlow Sculpture and Gibberd Gallery 
Chairman of Parndon Mill Creatives. 

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