Sue McDonald


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Sue McDonald sunflower painting
Sue McDonald artist portrait


Sadly, Sue passed away in September 2021 and is greatly missed. Her legacy lives on in the collections of her work. Sue’s inspiration came from artists such as O’Keeffe, Fini, Khalo, Carrington – all women surrealists - as well as nature in all its wonderful guises. She looked for that ineffable hidden mysterious thing within a subject and painted it big to enable the viewer to experience something special, to be surrounded and immersed by it all.

Having worked in the creative industry in London for many years she moved to Wales in 1991 where she began to paint wildlife, particularly birds of prey and big cats, exhibiting yearly at the British Falconry and Raptor Fair.

Moving back to London 5 years later, she worked as a part time tutor in art for Waltham Forest, and together with a fellow artist and tutor, staged a very successful, East London Art Fair in Walthamstow. This led on to opening her own gallery with the aim of being a platform for promoting local artists and graduates.

She worked in a studio at Parndon Mill, Harlow, for several years concentrating on large flower paintings and surrealism.