John Sellings

Paintings and prints

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John Sellings flowers in jug paintingJohn Sellings reclining figure print
John Sellings artist portrait


John Sellings occupied a studio at Parndon Mill from 1997 until 2011. Prior to this he studied at Harlow college and Walthamstow School of Art.

His printmaking is predominantly by the intaglio process. Lines are incised into a plate, usually copper or zinc, by means of an acid, or in the case of drypoint, directly with a steel or diamond tip. The plate is inked up and then wiped to leave ink in the incised lines. During printing, roller pressure forces dampened paper into the lines, picking up the ink. For someone who puts great store by line this is a very sympathetic process.

As a painter he uses oils. His work is figurative, usually from direct observation, sometimes from drawings and occasionally (rarely) from memory.

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