James Lethbridge

Glass sculptor

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Glass vessels by James Lethbridge glass artist
James assisting a visitor in glass blowing at Open Studios

 Parndon Mill is proud to have James Lethbridge as an associate artist. He is a frequent exhibitor in The Gallery here, and regularly collaborates with our resident glass artist Jon Lewis on projects and in glassblowing demonstrations and workshops.

'Initially following a career choice in production ceramics and gaining an in depth knowledge of processes, it was in 2003 that Lethbridge was lured to study glass. This was to be a life changing moment as this new medium soon become his material of choice. Enthralled by the transparency and liquid nature of molten glass, repetitive throwing made way for a more experimental making process. In 2005, Lethbridge applied to the Royal College of Art where he then developed his range of glass skills as well as greatly increasing his body of work, both aiding his confidence and belief in his chosen practice.

Since graduating, Lethbridge has developed a reputation for his unique artworks, creating one-off sculptural and lighting pieces. With an inventive approach to glass making, Lethbridge’s pieces are instantly recognisable and highly desired. His glass pieces often incorporate a multitude of glass thorns, shards and tendrils. The act of repetitious making has stayed a constant for Lethbridge but now with entirely different end results.'

Artist's statement by Angel Monzon, Vessel Gallery, London. 

More information: www.jameslethbridgeglass.com

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