Angela Godfrey

Sculptures in stone, wood and stainless steel

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Angela Godfrey tree trunk drawing detail Angela Godfrey riverside stone sculpture
Angela Godfrey artist portrait


Angela Godfrey is a Member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors. Shortly after graduating from King's College, Newcastle upon Tyne she was asked by the architect George Mathers to make a large altar for his new church in St Albans. This was the first of many commissions from him and from other architects, in particular, the Dublin architect Richard Hurley. A large number of these commissions have been for churches.

However, more recently she has received commissions for sculptures in countryside locations and in these she has been developing ideas relating to her interest in integrating text and natural forms with the sculptural form. This has led her to give more time to working on sculptures that have not been commissioned and so she is now able to offer carvings in wood and stone for sale and exhibition.

The many commissions she has undertaken demonstrate her experience in working closely with architects and other clients, making sculpture that is site-specific and giving careful consideration to location, materials used, scale and context.

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