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We are a friendly but professional practice.

Founded in 2005, by our Director Mark Cotton, we are a friendly Chartered Architects Practice who have recognised that the key to success is having happy clients and we understand that, regardless of how small or large your project is, your experience as our client will determine whether or not you are happy to recommend us to friends, family and colleagues.

We are here to assist, support, guide and lead your construction project with a level of knowledge and experience that allows you to focus on those things that are really important like what colour you are going to paint the walls!

We approach every project, regardless of its size and complexity, with the same level of care and determination to do the best job possible!

As a team we have many years of experience on many types of building projects and are eager to expand upon our knowledge. As a Chartered Practice we have access to professional support which allows us to get up to speed on new projects or challenges extremely quickly. We also have good relationships with many of the Local Authorities where we work and seek to develop working relationships with Local Planning and Building Control Teams wherever our sites are located.

We always have time for our Clients, past, present and future, and count many of them as friends long after their projects have been completed.

We exist to provide clients with friendly but professional advice about their building projects. We believe that, through building relationships with our clients, consultants and contractors, we can deliver better projects for all involved. We are always happy to answer questions and discuss projects.

We believe in always being honest, paying our suppliers promptly and ensuring that our activities leave as small an environmental footprint as possible. We look to give away 10% of our profits to good causes either as 'services in kind' or through direct financial support for charities with which we have a relationship.

As Chartered Architects we exist to be creative! Whether that is simply looking for the best way to make use of limited space or designing the external appearance of a large building we are at our best when our creative juices are flowing! We are our own worst critics! We believe that, no matter how large or small a project is, it deserves our full attention and that our work should be of the highest standard regardless of the task in hand.

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