Product Design Consultancy

Pemberton Dear product design and development

Pemberton Dear offer a comprehensive design and development package to help your company produce market-winning products.

We can take your product from first concept to final production. We select the right combination of styling, engineering design and ergonomics to ensure that your product is always a beautiful, robust and intuitive pleasure to use.

All our services - concept design, design development, engineering design, rapid prototyping and liaison to production - are available as either stand-alone items or as part of a carefully tailored programme, suited to your exact requirements and budgetary constraints.

The key requirement of a new product is that it works. It must work reliably and meet the requirements of customers throughout its projected lifespan. Pemberton Dear draws upon the skills of its in-house designers combined with a network of scientists and engineers to ensure that the latest technological features are built in to our designs.

Our expertise is in the design and development of new products.
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