Welcome to the Newsletter of our new .com website. A huge thanks are due to Mick Collins for building the platform, Jaime Steadman who came and did much of the early construction, and Faith Inch who has come to our rescue to fine tune and finish the build. Jaime also sorted out the Parndon Mill Facebook page, so be sure to take a look for weekly updates and reminders about events.

If you would like to learn more about the history of Parndon Mill, click on the link below to watch a short video which tells the story of how it all began here, made by Trapdoor Films;

The diverse range of activity at Parndon Mill led us to commission a series of 2 minute videos to give a glimpse into the exciting lives of some of our artists. The first one tells the story of Sue Kennedy's photography and can be enjoyed at: The second gives insight into the wonderful weaving of Ayse Simsek - - and now we have sparks flying in Parndon Forge at! They call it Cinematic Videography but, whatever the name, the results are stunning.