Corrina Dunlea 

Workshops including still life, portraiture and seasonal card making. 
Please click on the images to see a slideshow of Corrina's classes. 

Unique opportunities to illustrate your own Christmas/special event card(s).

Content: Expand your drawing styles using seasonal subjects or your own ideas, completing in mixed media.

Time: Friday’s 10-12.30 on the following dates:
28th September
12th October
19th October
Single sessions can be booked.

Cost: £25 per session. Includes materials & refreshments.

I advise two sessions one to create your design(s) and one to work on the medium. My time for setting up, preparing prints in greeting card format and ordering your final designs is included. All will be ready for November.

Cards and envelopes are subject to extra costs with shared postage.

To secure a place please email your date and session preference.

Unique opportunities to work on portraits with a life model.

Content: Get to grips with the basics of the face, using light and tone. We will be drawing using charcoal, graphite ink and wash, and a model will be present.

Thursday 18th October: 9.30- 1.30pm
Saturday 10th November: 10- 2pm

Cost: £45 per session, includes model, materials and refreshments.

Capture the essence of nature and beautiful objects.

Content: Create an image to be proud of, using colour, light and tone. We will be studying natural forms and experimenting with drawing materials, acrylic and watercolours. Materials and refreshments provided.

Times: Thursday 4th: 9.30- 12.30pm. Thursday 25th October: 10- 1pm

Cost: £30 per session. Materials and refreshments provided.

For more information and to book classes, contact:
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Quotes from previous workshops:

'I was particularly pleased with the amount of teaching, rather than playing around for a few hours, I was stretched to learn new things’.

'A fabulous inspirational setting to feel creative in ...even when it’s pouring with rain outside, with Corrina’s friendly instruction and encouragement, I held charcoal for the first time. I was amazed how many ways it could be used. Hours flew by and I came away pleased as punch with my artistic efforts under my arm.'

'I’ve learnt how to define space without drawing lines and getting perspective right… both will help me draw better in the future.’

'As all progressed to make their mark. Hoped inspiration would soon spark.
For some it did, while others faltered. So carefully Corrina altered,
Helped, coerced and gasped in awe, As in her pupils' work she saw
A glimpse of genius spurred by her. Encouragement, and no demur. . .
What joy it was to draw that box, I have to say Corrina rocks!'

 ‘I went away with work I was really pleased with.’

 'I had never worked with charcoal before and was at first a bit apprehensive but as the day progressed I gained more confidence and was delighted with my final artwork. I realised how good it was to experiment with different mediums. Corrina is an excellent teacher and I hope to join other classes in the future.'