Ivan Daggett

Fine artist

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Ivan stone carving sculpture 
Ivan Daggett artist portrait


Ivan has been practicing as a fine artist and tutor for over 25 years.

As a fine artist he creates sculpture, drawing and some video. The materials and methods he uses are wood and stone carving, clay modelling, silicone rubber mold making and plaster casting, drawing and video. His method of working is deeply informed by the Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung and American Mythologist Joseph Campbell. He has exhibited regionally and nationally and is due to begin a new body of work based on a (continued) mythic theme of Orpheus.

Myth has been a very important reference throughout his work - his understanding being that they contain patterns of archetypal meaning which create a ‘cultural fabric’ that underlies the foundation of societies throughout the world, as much now as in the earliest recordings of history.

Developing such a method of working has taken him into participation in Wilderness Psychology courses in the UK and USA, working in private tuition with Archetypal Psychologist, Poet and Writer Noel Cobb, post graduate studies in Transpersonal Arts and Practice with Dr Marie Angelo at the University of Chichester and private studies in Jungian Psychology.

As a tutor he has worked in Further Education in the 16 – 19 age group in A Level, Foundation Diploma and Extended Diploma in Art and Design, and the 20 – 80 age group in Drawing, Painting and Sculpture Adult Education classes. He is currently a Senior Tutor in Art and Design at Harlow College. In recent years he has developed a programme of private classes, workshops and projects from his studio which he now represents under the name of 'Turning Tree Arts'.

Turning Tree Arts:

Website: http://ivandaggett.wix.com/turning-tree-arts

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/turningtreearts/

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