Current Exhibition

21st September - 29th October

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This year’s Glasshaus XII features our home team, artists who have studios here at Parndon Mill, along with our associated glass artists. They are joined by others whom they have chosen to invite, students or colleagues, or those whose work they admire.

Heike Brachlow, who has just won the Glass Sellers prize at the British Glass Biennale, exhibits one of her magnificently executed cast glass sculptures. Heike exhibits and also teaches internationally and has invited four of her students from the Royal College of Art to take part in Glasshaus XII. Anna Chrysopoulo makes solid and hollow glass with metal inclusions, Lola Lazaro Hinks who has been selected for this year's British Glass Biennale, Monica Muller whose pieces are made by blowing glass into a cast bronze mesh and Kaja Upelj who uses a wide range of mould-blown hot-glass techniques.

Yuki Kokai is noted for her silver jewellery which is popular here and in her native Japan. She also makes delicately blown glass vessels which she exhibits here. She has invited Anona Wyi, an old friend and colleague who introduces a sense of playfulness and animation into tableware glass, incorporating simple and calm forms.

Jon Lewis runs a “hotshop” in his studio here making the blown glass bottles which he is exhibiting in Glasshaus, as well cast and stained glass. He has executed many important commissions. He also offers classes in glassblowing, his students, mostly complete amateurs, coming away with a vessel or baubles. He has invited two old friends to participate in this exhibition, Stewart Hearn, a highly respected Cambridgeshire glassmaker and designer, and Michael Ruh who worked with Jon and Yuki from the same hot glass studio for several years and exhibited in New York with them. They will be joined by Jason Blair, who specialises in making the traditional glasses for breaking at Jewish weddings. He then uses the broken glass for making something new, perhaps the items he is exhibiting.

Ewa Wawrzyniak specialises in fused and sand cast glass, taking these techniques into new dimensions. With the help of Jon Lewis she runs classes in sand casting which produce amazing results, often from complete beginners. She has invited to exhibit in Glasshaus: Teresa Chlapowski who now has her own studio producing cast and fused pieces, often with a figurative theme, Pratima Kramer who also makes ceramics and combines this skill with glass in the works on display, and Kate Pasvol whose landscape pieces here are truly breath-taking.

Karen Murphy had her studio at Parndon Mill for many years and has been involved in several important commissions. Recently she has been experimenting with colours that chemically react together and some of the results will be on view. She has introduced to Glasshaus: Amanda Charles who makes colourful table-top and wall pieces and Shirley Eccles who is often selected for the British Glass Biennale and is again this year. She has made some interesting and quirky installation pieces.

James Lethbridge has been appointed an associate of Parndon Mill due to his frequent collaboration with Jon Lewis on projects and commissions. He is well known for his chandeliers made in his own unique style which he has also employed for the vessels on display in Glasshaus XII.

This exhibition presents a great variety of glass techniques and approaches to the medium. Some spectacular pieces are on view as well as useful ones. Glasshaus XII is both interesting and enjoyable.