Current Exhibition

28th June - 4th August

An exhibition of work by a diverse group of contemporary artists who have come together to explore printmaking in the inspiring setting of Parndon Mill.


These artists have been attending classes given by Tania Scott Durrant in her studio here, not only learning the various techniques of printmaking, but also forming bonds and  being inspired by one another. As a group they have produced a body of work of an exceptionally high standard. Each artist has made a personal contribution, but a common denominator and a sense of community may be discerned. Tania describes this as “happenstance” - a chance meeting, especially one with a good result.

 Some of Tania’s own work is included in the exhibition. She produces fine art prints which quite often incorporate a variety of print disciplines in an attempt to capture the fragile atmosphere of the ever changing English landscape, particularly at dawn. She loves the richness and depth of multimedia prints and has been known to remove what she thought was a finished print from its frame, to re print, paint or collage another layer on top!  At the moment she is experimenting with combining the subtle atmospheric etching marks created by spit bite etching with the flat block shapes created using a lino plate.

 Tania combines her love of fine art printmaking with her other great passion which is teaching. She teaches art workshops throughout the south east, where she thoroughly enjoys passing on to her students her enthusiasm for learning new techniques and disciplines for her art form.