Current Exhibition

17th May - 24th June

Paintings by Teresa Pemberton
complemented by ceramics by Kathryn Hearn.
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In this exhibition, in many ways, the ceramics and the paintings are in contrast. While the paintings use rich and vibrant colour to express light and space the ceramics are muted with minimal use of colour. However both artists' passion and energy is evident in the way they deal with surface and its texture. They also have in common that they are inspired by the landscape near their homes although, in fact, these could not be more different. Teresa's paintings are rooted in Dartmoor and the coastal paths of the West Country, whereas Kathryn's vessels are inspired by the Cambridgeshire Fens and the agricultural environment there. It is very interesting to look at these works together and appreciate what they share. 

Statement: Teresa Pemberton

"I think of my work as poetic and sensual, the creating of paintings being visual conversations."

Teresa's work is rooted in the nature and effects of landscape through changing emotions, movement, light and colour. Principally known for her rich and vibrant paintings of places where water and land merges, her recent work has been concerned with Bronze Age discoveries: here are paintings and "assemblages" as a response to the excavation on Dartmoor only a few years ago of the grave of a young girl along with her artefacts of beads, belts, baskets and bones. Her name will never be known, but breathing the air that she breathed and making work about the place she has lain for 3,000 years has resulted in a variety of new work and media. Collaged elements have become intrinsic to many of the pieces, and as always, texture of surface and the excitement of experiment are here intensely revealed.

The constantly changing vistas of sea and sky in the South West (where Teresa has now lived for the past twelve years) are also here explored with her usual vibrant colour and energy.

She is delighted to be returning to the Parndon Mill Gallery to show her new work to all those friends she left behind! She is looking forward to meeting many visitors and holding conversations about the new paintings.

Statement: Kathryn Hearn

Kathryn Hearn's unusual porcelain vessels are inspired by the Cambridgeshire Fens and the stoic attitudes of fenlanders. Obviously the vast skies are captivating with their ever changing colours and atmospheres but also the industrial agricultural environment with its intrinsic craft and mesmerising repetition of fields and crops.

These works are made with porcelain flax paper clay and hand-built using hand processes particularly with the reference to craft in that they are made with strap handles usually used for potters when making mugs. It is a highly functional landscape so she has chosen to deconstruct the vessel and make it uncompromising in its form but with elements that intrigue and deserve closer inspection. She has reflected a range of narratives which she wants to allude to that are particular to this interesting but little known part of East Anglia.