Current Exhibition

18th May - 25th June

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Susan Erskine-Jones Sarah Russell Victoria Johns

Personal views of reality referencing landscape, journeys and interiors using printmaking and painting.

Meet the artists and enjoy Art, Coffee and Cake Tuesday 6th June 11am - 1pm.

Susan Erskine-Jones
Susan Erskine-Jones was born near Cape Town and grew up under the shadow of Table Mountain with the freedom and open vistas of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans on either side. Since moving to the UK she started painting alongside printing enjoying the cross referencing that each discipline affords.

Susan explores the themes of time, memory and identity. She evokes the significance of the familiar in her work using scenes and objects that are recognised by the viewer.

The varied applications of mark making involve layering with collage, printing, scrapping, painting and rollering. The finished piece develops through a process of building up the image through layers allowing the narrative to emerge. The resulting works are familiar scenes gently infused with a sense of melancholia and timelessness suggesting what is missing – a human presence that has passed out of view.

Sarah Russell
Sarah is a printmaker and painter who gained her BA(Hons) in Illustration & Animation at Bristol where she lived for 10 years before returning to Bedfordshire. Printmaking has become the main focus although painting is also an important part of her practice, with an obvious overlap of textures, layering and mark-making which remain constant in her work.

Drawing (with pencil, charcoal or paint) outside is the first crucial stage of Sarah's working practice. Spending quiet time listening to the land and getting the right feeling is important. Recreating it later in the studio fusing it with memories and emotions allows the work to become more abstract.

Mono printing is a process where inks are applied to a metal plate which is then worked on using rollers or brushes. Mark-making, layering and reduction methods leave an image…which is then put through the press only once, leaving the image on the paper and just traces of ink left on the metal plate.

The series Ancient Paths considers the underlying structure of the land and how the boulders push through like a huge skeleton, bringing something far more sinister to mind. It is the contrast of the ancient fragility and something altogether far more brutal which Sarah finds so compelling.'

Victoria Johns
Victoria is a Visual Artist who studied glass design at Staffordshire University in the mid 1990's. Her studio is on the Bedfordshire/Buckinghamshire border and her art practice focuses on Mixed Media Painting and Printmaking. She finds these two disciplines complement and inform each other and allow for a wider exploration of subject matter.

Currently her inspiration is taken from maps, aerial views, town and cityscapes and architecture. Victoria has always been intrigued by 'detail' and is drawn to depicting her chosen focus of attention in a way the viewer may not have considered before. By using a sketchbook and a camera she endeavours to isolate shape, space, composition, quality of line or enticing textures. This process of observation will often translate into a multilayered or textural artwork.

Victoria has been exploring permanent versus temporary within these environments. Aerial views can show the adjustments to our land over time. You might see the remains of iron age settlements, newly built road networks, the ever moving boundaries that divide up the land. There are also the temporary changes to our streets that happen every day with the individual repetitive journeys made by us getting to work and commuting.

"Everything around us is transient, just a 'moment in time”