Current Exhibition

5th April - 13th May

Herts Textile Arts present contemporary embroidery, quilting, woven tapestry, felting, and printed textiles inspired by Hertfordshire’s nature and waterways.

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Jackie Bennett, Joanne Bowes, Felicity Cooke, Stephanie Edwards, June Faulkner, Connie Flynn, Linda Gifford. Frances Green, Claire Harris, Catherina Petit Van Hoey, Jackie Hodgson, Caroline Kirton, Marian Murphy, Carole Nicholls, Jill Taylor, Barbara Weeks.

Ebb & Flow - Herts Textile Group

The ribbons of water running through the towns and country of Hertfordshire motivated the new exhibition at Parndon Mill by the Herts Textile Group. The drop of water in the infant river as it travels through the county towards the sea, the hidden aspects, the natural chalk streams and rich spring waters to the man made canal system have been explored. These ribbons act as a reminder of the history of the people who populated the waterways in days gone by. A lock keeper’s daughter with dementia able to recall vivid memories of her childhood on a barge, the elaborate but practical bonnet of the canal women, the hard life of the working families plying the canals with their multifarious cargoes and the extraordinary history of canals. The watercress farms returning to wilderness or transforming into nature reserves in the chalk streams and the supply of drinking water to parts of the capital are themes examined.

Walks along the towpaths, riverbanks and family boating excursions offer a personal view alongside an observation of the tragedy of pollution and an observation of wildlife exemplified by the grey heron. Locally sourced animal and plant fibres grown in and around the waterways at Parndon Mill are used to represent connections between water, plants and people. Reflections and distortions on the surface of both still and moving water produce a myriad of patterns that provoke personal reflections and day dreaming.

Herts Textile Arts group is a lively group of artists using varied textile techniques including quilting, weaving, felting, stitch, machine embroidery, patchwork, dyeing and shibori (a Japanese form of dyeing) in contemporary and often unexpected ways. The group was formed in 2004 under the umbrella of Herts Visual Arts with idea of bringing textile practitioners together to exchange ideas, knowledge and to give each other support. The cast of membership has changed over the years and has recently welcomed a number of new members giving a fresh perspective. Past exhibitions venues include Courtyard Arts, The Hertford Theatre and Hertford Museum in Hertford, the Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture (Middlesex University), the Good Food Cafe in Canterbury and an outdoor/indoor exhibition at Mill Green Museum.