Gerda Rubinstein

At The Gallery we are extremely proud to represent the renowned sculptor Gerda Rubinstein. Several of her works can be viewed here and pieces from editions of life sized figures can be commissioned.

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Gerda Rubinstein jumping girl sculpture Gerda Rubinstein Lucinda figure marble resin sculpture
Gerda Rubinstein artist portrait


Rubinstien’s accurate observation, detailed visual memory and understanding of the body gives a natural expression of weight, tension and movement to her figurative work. Her extraordinary ability in this field expresses the natural poetry of the human figure.

In addition to her current work, Rubinstein has just completed two life sized pieces which have been specifically commissioned from her smaller works that she had produced some years ago.

“Makarova” the Russian ballerina, originally produced at 12” high and “Exuberance” an excited youth kicking the air with joy were originally produced at 25” high. With the assistance of the Ryman & Leader Studio at Newbury, the pieces were scaled up to 5’ high allowing Rubinstein to concentrate on the detail of the final clays prior to mould making.

The commissions have now been delivered and another five pieces of each are available from the limited editions. The works are produced in bronze resin and may be sited within garden landscapes or internally.

Rubinstein has historic links with Harlow through her early commissions from Sir Frederick Gibberd, and the Harlow Arts Trust. Four works can be found in the renowned Harlow Sculpture collection and a further three at the Gibberd Garden.

A centre piece at the Gibberd Garden is Rubinstein’s “Lucinda” a 7’ tall female nude.
Commissioned by Sir Frederick in 1979 the work has recently undergone restoration by the artist and moulds have been taken. The first cast from the edition of ten is now sited in the garden and a further two have been purchased. From the remaining seven there is still the opportunity to commission further pieces in either bronze or marble resin.

Makarova in bronze resin £8,640.00
Exuberance in bronze resin 8,640.00
Lucinda in bronze or white marble resin 9,000.00