Stephan Maguire

Thrown porcelain and stoneware, pinched earthenware

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Stephan Maguire ceramic plate 
Stephan Maguire artist portrait

 Since 1979, Stephan Maguire has been working continuously from his studio at Parndon Mill, Harlow, producing one-off and series of wheel thrown porcelain and stoneware, fired in an oxidising electric kiln to 1235-1310 degrees centigrade. During this period he has mainly explored the use of marbling (colour and textural), low relief, carving, engraving, inlaying and chattering.

Since 1987, series of pinched earthenware vessels have been produced paying particular attention to rhythm, natural surface texture and organic patterns. He has exhibited locally, nationally and abroad and his work is in private collections in Japan, America, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Egypt.

The very material and process of wheelthrown and pinched ceramics is ancient, carrying the direct and physical experience of such universal symbols as circle, vessel, spiral, the elements and their transformation. In the case of translucent porcelain, we are also dealing with light. These elements form the foundation upon which all further expression is based.

Most of the images used have their counterparts in observable Nature, but they are chiefly symbols relating to an inner world and process. Almost without exception, forms, colours and images resonate strongly with ideas' found within the ancient spiritual and artistic traditions of the East (especially China and India). Whether from the unconcious in dreams, flashes of (given) insight or from the distillation of experience, perception and research, the works are 'evolved concretions' alluding to the eternal world of ideas and archetypes.

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